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My #10YearChallenge #2009vs2019
I’m so lucky to be part of the 89 Faces of Strength! Vichy is not just selling skin care product but also in another way telling us about how we should live with Strength! Now I have Daily Dose of Strength - The Mineral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster in full size for me to remind myself to be strong, whenever I apply skin care in my daily skincare routine ❣️ Thanks to All Vichy Team to make this event happened and successful! 辛苦你们了❣️ #Vichy89FacesOfStrength #VichySG @vichy_sg
Strength means the empowerment in life for us to move forwards and get important thing done! . Year 2019, I turned 30! For the past 10years, I have been busy working! The journey is full of challenge but I get to learn a lot of new thing! I hope I can start to slow down my pace from now on and put in more time and effort for my family! . I hope I can be a stronger and better me in 2019 💪🏻 . #Vichy89FacesOfStrength #VichySG @vichy_sg
Gift Boxes 🎁 #notmygiftbox
Join me in my 7 days challenge of using Mineral 89 for bouncy, glowy and stronger skin! Do you know that Minèral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster is makes by 89% if Vichy Mineralizing Water! It contained 15 Minerals & Natural Origin Hyaluronic Avid! I’m so excited to see the result after 7 days! . Get samples at any Vichy counters in my link in bio - ‪‬ . “89 Faces of Stronger Skin, 1 Daily Dose of Strength. Start your Stronger Skin start with us today.” #SkinLivesStronger #Vichy89FacesofStrength #VichySG
KOSÉ Cosmeport Je l’aime Amino Deep Repair Mask ❣️ A hair mask that that suits busy working adult! After shampoo and conditioner, just put a thick layer on your hair and focus on hair end! Leave it for 3 minutes and wash off! Your hair will become smooth and less frizzy immediately! Thank you @kosecosmeportsg for sending this awesome hair mask to me ☺️ #JelaimeAmino18
I always make sure my skin care routine is on schedule no matter how busy I’m in real life. Beside the basic cleansing, I also make sure I do exfoliating and mask treatment! Taking enough rest, healthy diet and drink plenty of waters is also a keypoint to maintain a youthful skin! I love doing all these things that is good for my skin! I believe foundation will stay on better if our skin condition is good! Keep the glow and be flawless! It makes me feel confident! By the way I’m on Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Shade 1W1 Bone! A foundation that delivers flawless, 15-hour staying power and natural-looking coverage with no touchups needed. I get the #FreedomTo Stay Flawless! ❣️ #FreedomTo #FreedomToMatch #DoubleWearOrNothing #EsteeLauderSG @esteelauder @clozetteco
Best Christmas Gift this year! 🎄🎁
I’ve truly fallen in love with Secret Essence now! It made my skin more glowy and healthy looking! My tired skin is awakened from dull skin too! I’ve realized how important it is to use a booster on top of our usual skin care routine as this is the only way to enhance all my skin care products! Thanks SU:M37° for giving me this great opportunity to try the Secret Essence! I would definitely keep this in my skin care routine 😍 . Redeem your free 3-day trial kit of SU:M37° Secret Essence from any SU:M37° Counter, simply quote “8WeeksWithSum37”! T&Cs apply. Enquire with SU:M37° to find out more. #8WeeksWithSum37 #SecretEssence #sum37sg @sum37_singapore
Today I want to share with you ladies my personal special method to use SU:M37° Secret Essence! It is call “7 Skin Method”. It is to apply 7 layers of SU:M37° Secret Essence to our skin. The 1st application is to use cotton pad to patted on. The rest of the 6 application to patted on by fingertips. Every application need wait till it is fully absorb before we can add on the next layer of SU:M37° Secret Essence! I’m amazed about how is “7 Skin Method” with SU:M37° Secret Essence helps to maximize skin hydration! My skin feel supple, flawless, bouncy immediately! I’m using it once a week now and the result is better than applying Sheet Mask! 7 Skin Method works for me but may not be for everyone due to different skin type/conditions. . . Redeem your free 3-day trial kit of SU:M37° Secret Essence from any SU:M37° Counter, simply quote “8WeeksWithSum37”! T&Cs apply. Enquire with SU:M37° to find out more. #SecretEssence #sum37sg @sum37_singapore #8weekswithsum37
When you are comfortable a good pair of sneaker! 😂 Wearing my Favorite Sneaker - Nike Roshe in White! #WestgateSG #PlayWithStyle #JumpShoot
My favorite cheesecake 😋