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Let’s see if I can NOT come to Cloud Forest the next time I visit Singapore 👀
Flower Power 🌺🌹🌼🌸 | New outfit story is up on www.AFFORDORABLE.COM, click the link in my bio to have a read
Internally sobbing at the moment because I’m supposed to go on a trip from here in Johor but I left my camera back in PJ, oh God. #bloggerconundrum
Finally finished rounding up my Top 10 Favourite Outfits of 2018 and this houndstooth blazer made the cut - TWICE, actually. See the other nine on! 💋
Planning to bring this uniform into 2019 💋 #wwwAFFORDORABLEcom
Happy Friday y’all #fbf
If they match, I’ll mix. |
Typing up my latest post as I listened to Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” | New story on this navy matching set & rainbow glitter booties on WWW.AFFORDORABLE.COM
🌚🌝 #wwwaffordorablecom
Floral leafy ruffle dress on repeat | WWW.AFFORDORABLE.COM
When there’s nobody at KLCC’s travelator
Cattle Farm Fashunnn (#lol) but really talking about wearing men’s clothes on, link to blog in my bio guys 💋
Is it just me or is this photo of me very similar to Arya’s photo two days ago? The main difference is Arya was fierce and I was not (and never was) 👯‍♀️
In Need of Inspirations ☁️ #wwwaffordorablecom
Red round wicker bag, teal leopard and...newly-hatched dino? | New story on
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. What the expression means is appearing greener isn’t always better. Because how else do you explain people’s obsession with autumns amirite. #tbt #greatwallofchina #wanderlust
New wrapper wrap bag from Jonker Street in Melaka that’s right guys JONKER STREET has fashun now | Also, my Gudetama sweater 🍳 see more on
Hey guys, have you met my photographer? He’s behind the camera taking this photo of Po and me 🐼🧕🏼 #hewhewhew #tbt
Lightroom presets - or filters - are essential for amateur photographers like me, really. Find out which Lightroom presets I’ve used in the latest post on 📸 #wwwaffordorablecom #signatureedits #moodyvibes