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Keep the faith, never stop believing, never stop reaching ✨ 🌟 💫
Sometimes in life we climb stairs only to realize once we get to the top that it was up against the wrong wall. - Have you ever wanted something so much in your life & yet the moment you have it, you realize that it’s not what you needed? . Or maybe you’re currently treading a path, pursuing something not because it makes you feel most alive but because it’s what you’ve already gotten used to, or that you feel that you’ve already invested so much into that something, be it a career, a relationship that you feel that letting it go would make all your invested efforts go to waste. . The thing is it is never too late to start anew. It is never too late to dream a new dream. It is never too late to hit restart. #SundayMeditation #SoAngePonders
You deserve someone who will love you for who you are, someone who can see your light even at your darkest times, someone who will not only calm your storms but walk with you through any storm. You deserve someone who can reciprocate all the love that you can give & even more, because while love is not selfish, a lasting relationship commands two hearts that aren’t half empty nor half full, as this allows you both to compliment each other instead of take away from each other. Until then, wait. Stay single. Choose to be happily single. Learn to love & enjoy your own company. Travel solo, date your self, be your own best friend. Chase the best version of yourself & you will know when the right one comes along. Because you will by then know what you deserve & you will never ever settle for anything less than what you deserve❤️ #SoAngePonders
When historical meets contemporary
One of the things I really love about Japan is the locals’ individual & collective sense of mindfulness of others. It’s just amazing how immensely mindful they are of the impact of their actions on other people. And this is best manifested (among others) in how they observe cleanliness & orderliness..You can’t find that many trash bins here (I had to keep this coffee cup I was holding in this picture inside my backpack from morning to midday-until which time we finally found a trash bin) yet you can barely spot a garbage littering around here. And it is frustrating to think that back in my home country, you can find garbage littered around, sometimes even just a few meters away from the trash bins & I wonder when will we ever catch up to Japan’s sense of mindfulness & discipline.
This is Icho Namiki (Ginkgo Avenue), the ginkgo lined avenue on the way to Meiji Jingu Gaien Park. . Too bad we came a little too early for Autumn in Tokyo🍂. . Imagine how beautiful this place is during peak fall foliage when these manicured trees turn brilliant gold.
Authentic VS Aesthetic? Where do we draw the line? - I edited this photo to magically remove some of the people that I think sort of “crowded” this shot (swipe further to see the original). . Now, this begs the question that’s taking over the internet these days - Is photo editing considered wrong/cheating? Do you think it’s misleading? . I would love to know your thoughts below! #SundayMeditation
This is probably the most instagrammed spot in Omotesando. Would you believe it that I had to come back here 3times just to catch this place with “less crowd”. Good thing it was just 3stops away from our hotel.
The Perils of Solo Travel. - You can just imagine how many attempts it took me to get this decent enough shot. I came to this place just in time for sunset & as expected a huge throng had already gathered. My friend had already flown back home on this day so I was left to fend for myself. #SoAngeVenturesSolo
A bit of San Francisco & NYC in a Japanese city
From the looks of it, can you tell that this is an artificial beach?
I left my heart in San Francisco (kidding! See tagged location above)
Have you ever been on a vacation where you ended up feeling more exhausted instead? Well that’s how I felt during my solo summer adventure. . I’m not a morning person but during this trip, I challenged myself to wake up at 4:30am everyday for 3days & walk 15-20mins daily to the beachfront to catch the sunrise. . I braved the difficult commute in the Japanese coastal countryside, walking from one bus stop to another under the scorching summer heat, and waiting under shedless shelterless bus stops along the highway. . It was one of those moments where I wished I wasn’t traveling alone. It was one of those moments where I almost decided to turn away & head back to my comfort zone. But in the end I gotten around into convincing myself to embrace it all, the good, the bad, the bitterness & sweetness of those moments. And most of all, I convinced myself to take it as an opportunity to practice the subtle art of not giving a f*ck - to not mind about what people could possibly be thinking especially during those times when I’m standing alone along the highway bus stops. . It was a summer to remember but it wasn’t a trip I would be excited to make a repeat, at least not anytime soon. #SoAngeVenturesSolo
What 👣 do you want to leave in this world? #SundayMeditation
“There are chapters in our lives that we don’t read out loud”. And for me, this is one of them... . But finally, here I am, finally found the courage to admit out loud about my struggle with depression, the worst of which hit me hard 5years ago. I may still be unable/unready to articulate here the extent of my struggles but this is already one huge feat for me. I finally convinced myself that opening up about it could mean the world to someone out there, & that this could help ease the stigma around this topic. - I can’t help but feel that everything I’ve read offline/online recently has been building up to this moment. And I would like to give credit to some people who inspired me to speak up & to no longer be afraid to show my vulnerability. @psimonmyway your post a couple of days ago about not needing a “title” in order to find the voice/courage to speak up truly moved me! One of the things that’s been holding me back from sharing my inner thoughts out loud was the feeling that I’m not good enough or prominent enough to be sharing my opinions. Your message truly hits home. @ayenonlife your latest post pushed me to find the courage to share about the “messy parts” in my story. You are such an inspiration! @amandamaziiing thanks for sharing about #WorldMentalHealthDay ! . To all my closest allies in life, I can’t name you all but you guys mean the world to me! Thank you for being there for me through thick&thin! ❤️❤️❤️
She loves being alone but still wants someone who refuses to leave her there. -J.E. Fitzgerald
“Plant trees under whose shade you don’t expect to sit”. - Nelson Henderson ✁-------------------------------------------------- I have a confession. I must say, this is rather embarrassing. The thing is, I didn’t grasp the deeper meaning of this quote the first time I heard it. . In essence, Henderson’s quote is about taking action for something greater than ourselves, in the service of future generations. But for some reasons, my mind correlated this to carving your own path (over conformity) For some reasons, I correlated it to carving your own path (over conformity) 😆 My younger sister had to break it down for me. . What about you, what are your thoughts about this quote?
Where I’d rather be - out in the sun, having fun & getting some tan (like I don’t have enough already😂)
These jagged hills indeed remind me of Toblerone. What do you think? ⛰⛰⛰
I climb mountains, literally & figuratively