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Literally checking out the Dr. Jart+ Dermask Ultra Jet Porecting Solution Bubbling Charcoal Mask. I’ve always been a fan of sheet masks - the convenience and the immediate effect. The Dermask Ultra Jet Porecting mask contains asparagus stem extract that is known to improve the skin’s elasticity ❤️ Available @nana.mall #giftedby #complimentaryfrom #sp
Won’t you like to feel and look younger in the morning? ❤️ I know I do! Recently included @eucerin_international nee Hyaluron-filler overnight treatment in my nightly routine and my face feels more plump, healthy and moisturised. Looking forward to seeing more visible benefits like lesser wrinkles and fine lines in the coming months @touchprandevents ❤️ #eucerinsg #sp
Fresh and clean everywhere I go with the @betadinesg Feminine Care Products ❤️ Contains Tri-Care formulation that provides daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance. Haven’t tried it yet? Read my blog post (link on my bio) and redeem one for yourself from @samplestore #betadine #Femininewash #SampleStore
Thankful for the brief respite with my mom ❤️ and thank you @dvaree_hotelsandresorts for the comfortable stay right smack the pumping Sukhumvit area ❤️
Going and seeing places ❤️ #clozette
The weather in London has been cold and dry and it has taken a toll on my skin - it has been rather tight and uncomfortable. @skinsoul_official is a new skincare brand and it’s Hydra-Purifying cleanser as well as the Hydrating, Energising & pore-refining Lotion mist spray is 100% paraben-free and lead-free ❤️ I prep my skin every morning before I apply on my make-up by dabbing with a cotton ball. The Hydra-Purifying cleanser cleanses thoroughly leaving my skin moisturised. While the Hydrating, Energising & pore-refining Lotion mist spray hydrates and energises my skin - and reduces the appearance of pores. The mist contains Witch Hazel that help to calm inflammatory skin, acne too. Otherwise its hydrating effect esp pores minimising is almost unparallel. I'm a convert!! 😍 Check out with the code xmas20% to get 20% OFF regular items until 31 Dec 2018 ❤️ #skinsoul #comehometoyourself
Won’t get sick of this view 🇬🇧
Exploring every nook and cranny 👀
Golden sun, golden morning 😍
Woke up early to catch the sunrise casting its majesty unto the Tower Bridge ☀️ and just like that, I became poetic 😬
Still not over Penang ❤️ #clozette
4 sleeps before 🇬🇧 Excited but at the same time dreading the cold ❄️
The calm after the 11.11 storm 😬
I don’t know about you, but I have started by shopping spree at 11.11 Craziest Sales which is going on NOW until 11 Nov. Enjoy Free Agent Fee & 15% Off Shipping! Don't miss out on CRAZY Discount Zones like Free Shipping, $11.11 Exclusive and 66% Off. Checkout now #ezbuysg #1111 Shake and redeem more vouchers on their app at 11.11 Shake & Win page💰 Get $10 for your first purchase link on my bio.
The best way to see a city is by walking. Chose to randomly stroll a part of town without google maps - I found a lot of hidden gems along the way ❤️
Choosing colours today for the Festival of Light ❤️ Happy Diwali to all friends celebrating it ❤️
Tip: Reach at the tail end of ticket sales (5pm) and you will have the place all to yourself ❤️ #clozette
I mean, did you really go to Penang if you don’t have any photos with the street art? 😬
Clear blue skies ☁️
But first ☕️ I love Mondays where I don’t have to work 😬 #clozette