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Enjoy the exchange of stories with strangers that eventually be we called friends
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Enjoy the exchange of stories with strangers that eventually be we called friends
Had the most hectic week of my year and I'm not complaining or whining because I enjoyed every single bite of it. Monday was a beach DnD and it's really crazyyyy and not those usual banquet style which I love it! ❤️ And 5hours later I headed off to Bangkok, walked at least 10,000 steps a day 😂 And explore a different side of Bangkok other than shopping. Ended all with a 4am sleep on Sunday and wake up at 2pm 😌 Side note, I'm not sure if I'm ready for work tomorrow.. 😅 #clozette #stylexstyle
Insane weather at chatukchak, I love coke even more today 😍 #buthengitdidntrainlahor #clozette #stylexstyle
Go everywhere, do everything ❤️ #clozette #styletheory #stylexstyle
No filter on bubblegum colour sky. A day trip to Penang and can't wait to return to explore more 😏 #clozette #stylexstyle
It's a blackout 🤫 - the time where we take care of your vulva #clozette
The born of a new era - #loveyourvulvamore #clozette #stylexstyle
Coffee in the wee hours ☕ // Insomnia // 📸 : @corina.effect#clozette #stylexstyle
Breakfast with Tiffany 💕 @tiffanyandco launched paper flower series and collaborated with @tiongbahrubakery 🌹 Go and check it out cos' nice ambiance and great croissant is all that makes your morning less grumpy #clozette #stylexstyle
Be right back to my weekends 🌞 #clozette #styletheory #stylexstyle
Child on weekends // Adult on weekdays. Back to being an adult. #styletheory #clozette #stylexstyle
Bright colours for the rainy Monday Blues 🌞 This skirt is crazily comfortable and best part is that I'll not try out this style if there isn't @styletheorysg. Skirt was choose by @angelakoblitz 😘 #clozette #styletheory #stylexstyle
努力把伤心变少,笑容变多就好了 #clozette #styletheory #stylexstyle #womanofstyle #igsg
Probably not the most glam photo, but my current mood 😴 This weekend has zoomed by so quickly and can't wait for the next one to arrive 🤩😍 . . . . #clozette #styletheory #stylexstyle
Slaying my Monday Blues with @styletheorysg 🙂 #clozette #styletheory #stylexstyle
Waking up in today's weather just to workout. I'm loving the energy it's bringing me to start my day, at the same time excited to head back to bed 😂 Watch my igstory for the next 7days premium preview 😂😂 #soundedlikesomeadv
One day nearer to 2018, which means more food 🤤 Set all my new year resolution and hopefully I succeed in all 💪 P. S/ main reason of this post, I actually went gym in the morning 😂 #clozette #igsg #stylexstyle
Merry Christmas to all! Hope your heart is as full as your belly ❤️
A carnival is better than a festival, because there isn't sticky arms but same old costly bombs.
I love balloons and I love smiles 🎈 ☺ #clozette #igsg #stylexstyle
The month of counting my blessings ❤️