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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you. Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and... Read more →
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Hello from The Skinny Scout! I blog over at, on all things beauty, style and travel for the savvy jet-setting babe in you.

Like almost everyone else, I love fancy hotel stays and I miss Europe and California a whole lot. My guilty pleasure is a good fondant moelleux with a generous serving of vanilla bean ice cream by the side. Oh, lazy pool days are the best!





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Our hidden oasis in Bali, minutes’ walk away from the beach. The quiet, the peace, the warmth of the people and the ocean air that cleanses my soul... ❤️ Completing my experience with some comfy, smooth fabric from @thebeaudreamers. * * * Tonight I’ve decided I’m taking a break off Facebook for an indefinite amount of time. Maybe it’ll last just a week, maybe it’ll last forever. But I’ll still be on it working, engaging and publishing as my two businesses - @trouveeco and my real estate page. I find that too many people intertwine the “me” that they see on my personal FB page with my biz, not knowing who the real me actually is. What I want is for people to know the real me, the me who cares more than just sales or pretty bling and style; the me who seeks to change lives for the better - for you and for myself. I wouldn’t be doing all that I do today if I didn’t care enough about the greater good. So trust me if you will, and drop me a message or two. I’ll def answer you and help you as best as I can. And if I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can. Just don’t take me for a fool because then the joke’s on you.❤️
Missing this place.
Bali is a wonderland. 🌺
Smile because life is worth it. #skinnyscouttravels
Caught my first ever MMA and Muay Thai fights tonight at the One Championship Bantamweight Championship. So intense, I love it! Very proud to be watching local representatives Tiffany Teo and Christian Lee in their fights and winning both!!! Tonight I cheered till my throat is now sore, and clapped till my palms now hurt. I don’t think this will be the last MMA competition I’ll ever be watching. It’s all in my IG Stories, and I have a Live story too! Watching the fights tonight revived something in me that makes me wanna relive my athlete days all over again. I think it’s about time I picked a sport for real.
Breaking from the Bali thread to update you on an exciting new launch condo in the west! Check out my IG Stories to see a walk-through video of one of the show suites in this area of great future transformation. Units start from S$6xxk 💰, so it’s really one of the most affordable condos you can find in today’s market. Choice units are still available, do send me a message if you’d like to find out more! As usual, if you’re thinking of purchasing your very first property, make sure you put a lot of good thought into it. Whether we like it or not, buying any property *IS* a form of investment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. 😊 #growyourwealth
As I said, I did some shopping. Swipe to see the pretty tassels! Could. Not. Resist. #skinnyscouttravels
Right in the midst of those coconut rolls. #skinnyscouttravels
Hi, it’s mocktail o’clock! 🍹 Happy Deepavali guys. Also, FB finally decided that my store’s link,, doesn’t go against their community standards so my link is no longer blocked and WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS BABY!! So this afternoon we’ll be spending some time at my favourite beachfront co-working space/cafe and I don’t know why we aren’t already living here. 💖
Falling in love with Bali 🌼
Feeling like a princess in @thebeaudreamers and @trouveeco. I don’t usually wear sleepwear or loungewear at home, because it’s more convenient to wear FBTs and a tank top. But sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit so you don’t get bored. Plus these are so comfy, breathable and smooth! ❤️
Life’s a beach.
What good is life if you can’t enjoy it? Had a meetup with a friend of mine to seek some advice on how I can grow @trouveeco because honestly I am/was feeling kind of stuck. I have no biz background prior to starting this jewellery line of mine (MY BABY), and I had no idea where to go next, or what to do. Being a solo-preneur can be very lonely and alienating, and it always helps a ton when there is someone who can help in any little way possible. Even by being a sounding board for ideas or imparting a little wisdom - it makes me feel so less alone. Working from home is great but being in a creative job means I need to get some head space every now and then. I need that change of environment, so that when I finally get down to doing the actual work, I can focus 100% instead of getting distracted by “tasks” every 5min. Thanks Fern for being there today and just being a friend! 💖💖💖
When days go by in a daze. For you who are reading this, I want you to know that whatever battle you’re fighting - you’re not alone because we are also fighting a battle over here. (OK at least it’s just me but hey you got someone! 👋🏻) We may be fighting different battles, but know that I’m fighting mine alongside you. We can do this! 💪🏻 Completing this look with my dainty pearl necklace from @trouveeco.
I spent quite some time this afternoon doing a quick photoshoot, editing the pics and uploading them on both my Etsy and main stores. I think the photos turned out well, what do you think? Had a nice catch up with June babe at her stall, currently popped up at United Square B1 till this Sunday, so check out @troveofgaia for all things environmental friendly (and might I say wallet-kind too)!
Hello! I have a new beauty product to recommend, and my review is up on the blog! Link in bio if you’re seeing this on Insta, or for all my Facebook addicts. Bought this treasure at @sephorasg and I really wish @givenchybeauty never discontinues this! 💖
We’re on a house search! For us, having a real kitchen is a must, something that has an oven in it too. Kitchenettes won’t work. We love to cook whenever we can. How about you? Share your home kitchen photos with me by tagging me in your pics! 💖 This lovely one is by @designsixtyfive.
Cooling off. One of the few times I use the pool.