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I'm Me-An, | love food, travel & etc. Hope you'll get inspired by the outfits I share here :)
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I'm Me-An, | love food, travel & etc. Hope you'll get inspired by the outfits I share here :)
Two to three shades darker but I don't mind since I enjoy being back at one of my favorite places in the Philippines, #Camiguin πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• Yes, I've been to a lot of places in the Philippines including Conde Nast Asia's best island, Siargao, yet Camiguin is among my top three. I'll elaborate more on the blog but, for now, if you want it to seem like you have White Island all to yourself, the key is to go around 12 noon onwards. Most people go here early morning to swim since the island doesn't have any shade like Siargao's Naked Island. However, there are kuyas who offer the setup and use of a beach umbrella and mat just for P150 (3 USD) . . How to Get Here: 1. @flypal offers direct flights to Camiguin. 2. Ride multi-cab or motorcycle to White Island jump-off point. 3. Ride P450 (9 USD) boat good for four pax and pay P50 (1 USD) environmental fee per person. . . πŸ“·: @andreagcelis | #MeDenTrip . . #thebikiniblogger at #whiteislandcamiguin
Good morning β˜€οΈ Before I revisit my favorite places in #Camiguin, I'm starting with a hearty breakfast consisting of my favorite Tocilog, a slice of fresh mango, and a cup of coffee at @bspbinunsaran (@bintanasaparaiso's 2nd location). Will be sharing more about this place in our blog and in my other IG posts πŸ’• . . Anyway, it's Monday again. A new day. A new week. A new beginning. No matter what has happened to you in the past, it is meant to be remembered, cherished, learned from, and left behind. Better things are coming for you. After all, you are stronger than all your yesterdays 😊 . . πŸ“·: @andreagcelis . . #bspbinunsaran #FeelCamiguin
I spent a night at The Project Hostel Davao last Friday and it was so Instagrammable for just P500 per night. P444 if you stay for a minimum of two consecutive nights. Since it was a short stay and there were only a handful of guests, I didn't get to mingle with the other guests. But as I was about to leave the place with my friend, a friendly old man waved at us. We greeted him and ended up having a wonderful conversation with him. Little did we know that he is a very influential man in Davao and even in Asia. Oh, the joys of traveling! You never know who you meet while on the road. . . Anyway, I just landed here in Laguindingan Airport and I'm looking forward to spending time with my great friend, @andreagcelis, and, of course, to explore again one of my favorite places in the world, Camiguin πŸ’• Hope you'll have an awesome weekend as well. . . πŸ“·: @duane_bacon . . #TheProjectHostel
I had an extra domestic flight so I took the opportunity to fly to Davao to attend @davaobloggers Christmas party. Dressed in my safari attire with no checked-in baggage, I went straight to the event venue as soon as I got out of the airport but sadly, the party proper already ended. My flight was delayed THREE hours that day due to late turnaround of aircraft and Manila having only one runway 😭 Forever grateful that DBS members made me feel very welcomed and they extended an invite to me to the after party. Special thanks to @riajosedavao, @thelifechaser, and @fashionvenom πŸ’• . . πŸ“·:@josefcagas . . #DavaoBloggers #DBSSafariNight #DBSSafariChristmas
Good morning from #Davao πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• It's Monday. β€’ M - aybe this day is not β€’ O - ne of your favorites, but β€’ N - ever forget that every β€’ D - ay you wake up is an β€’ A - mazing gift and it's up to β€’ Y - ou to make it count. Have a blessed week ahead πŸ’• . . P.S. My tummy fats came from lechon ice cream. Yes, there is such a thing πŸ˜‚ . . πŸ“·: @duane_bacon . . #thebikiniblogger at #hagimitfalls
After graduating from college, I wanted to join the corporate world for the team building events and Christmas parties. It was a fun experience but now that I'm freelancing, I'm grateful to have found communities I can belong to like @clozetteco Asia's top fashion and beauty community. I get to enjoy the company of lovely ladies who are beautiful inside out at the recent #ClozetteParty2018 πŸ’• During the event, I was simply being myself (maybe a bit hyper since I love making new friends) so I was surprised to win an award specifically the Ms. Congeniality. Thank you for the party and the award @clozetteco, @bobbibrownph for the prize, and @amandamaziiing for the invite πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•..Today, I'm bound for Davao to attend @davaobloggers Christmas party but my flight got delayed for two hours. DM me if you're free to talk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• ..#kMeAnootd at #CaffeinedbyArtesania
This time last year I became the only single person in my group and I felt how it is like to be the "odd one out." What I've learned through it is not to be pressured being single because if I give in to pressure, I may end up settling for someone who is not my perfect pair. The one true pair is not just who we think is best but the one who helps make us a better person (@jollibee One True Pair: Checklist LOL). People's feelings and hearts are to be taken seriously. So to singles out there, you can choose to make the best out of being single. And to those who are in a relationship, don't single out your single friends. Make time with your friends alone. Finally, no matter what your relationship status is, you are AWESOME πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• . . πŸ“·: . . #thebikiniblogger at #TheCliffhouseLaguna
It was an awesome #JBLSoundfestMNL πŸ’• @autotelicmusic and @bamboomuzaklive both played great sets 😊 @jblph revealed the PartyBox 300 that is rechargeable, a high power audio system with bluetooth connectivity, has mic/guitar input, has USB port for charging devices, has vivid light effect for every mood and more. And we got to see and catch up with a lot of blogger friends. So much love for them ❀️ . . πŸ“·: official photographer so it's not IG worthy as usual πŸ˜‚ photographers aren't used to taking pics for IG purposes and they rush taking photos. Better hire IG BF lol . . #JBLPH #DaretoListen
The first island we went to for our #OnceIslas island hopping was this island. We were handed fresh coconuts and sweet corn by @zamboangaitraveltouristlane as our morning snacks which fueled us in trekking the geological rock formations surrounding a large portion of the island. . . I really enjoy moments wherein I get to sip in coconuts while I take in the scenery. Brought my @ecoheroesph straw by the way πŸ’• . . πŸ“·: @colzvidal . . #ZamboangaiTravelTouristLane #Zamboanga
Second post for the day because Christmas came in early for me with this #JBLGo2 speaker and I'm excited to let you know that I'm ready to party at #JBLSoundFestMNL, the grandest rave party of the season happening this November 29 at the World Trade Center (Hall D). Gates open at 7:30PM. Admission is FREE so see you there πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• . . P.S. I have two extra VIP tickets. Just dm me if you want it for you and your friend 😍 . . πŸ“·: @lloydydydy . . #DaretoListen
Lol I always find myself blinking every time the shutter is clicked OR squinting when it's too bright. Hence, I have another photo with my eye shut again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†βœŒπŸ» . . Anyway, yes, we went to Basilan then Malamawi Island as a side trip when we went to Zamboanga. Wearing a bikini like I did in this place is a NO-NO if you don't want to encounter uncomfortable stares and having stolen shots of you being captured by strangers. Malamawi Island has a fine stretch of white sand ideal for swimming and frolicking but it is devoid of tourists. I just endured the awkward experience for the gram πŸ˜‚ . . πŸ“·: @colzvidal . . #thebikiniblogger in #Basilan
@gringoph has just released their all-new offerings for the holidays aptly named as Hola-day Boards, which is basically a set meal that is good for a group of six amigos and amigas. My friends and I won't have a hard time choosing which dishes to order when we meet up again. Plus our wallets won't cry out loud. I suggest you go for Noel's Board #holadayboards - the one I'm staring at in this photo. For more info you can head to πŸ’• . . πŸ“·: @spoonsaroundtheworld . . #kMeAnootd at #GringoPh
When my mom's bikini looks better on me, I end up feeling like a queen πŸ˜‚ . . Three days to go and it's #NationalHairFreeDay. Yes, it is happening on November 27 from 11 AM to 3 PM on all @heysugar_waxingsalon branches. You can avail FREE eyebrow threading and, more importantly, underarm waxing service. It's a great way to try Hey Sugar and you never know... You might have the courage to try their Dulce de Brazilian service πŸ’• P.S. You can read more about this on our blog. . . πŸ“·: . . #thebikiniblogger at #thecliffhouselaguna
I know a lot of you have been wondering why I haven't posted for several days. These days I found myself trying to balance everything from working, doing blog posts, attending events, spending time with friends, and now doing media appearances as well. Whew... Good thing I treasured moments like this one where I can play at the railway tracks of CheCheng Train Station #θ»ŠεŸ•θ»Šη«™ the terminal station of the Jiji Line πŸ’• . . πŸ“·: @jaanaajimenez . . #kMeAnootd #PanahonsaTaiwan
Sporting one of the top 2018 hair trends: Spicy Hotmeg Bayalage colored by @viveresalon. I also had unwanted hair removed at @heysugar_waxingsalon and tried one of the nail polish trends #benefitxsolique done by @_nailaholics. Now, I'm excited to attend holiday parties and travel again with my new look πŸ’• What do you think? . . πŸ“·: @justin_dc17 . . #kMeAnootd #holidayhairtrends #redefineyourself
According to my friend @abi.golucky, "tawhai" is an Ilonggo word that means peaceful. I think that is what perfectly describes the view from #TawhaiFloatingBar of @lakawon. This place has been on my bucket list since it opened so I got a huge smile because I finally got to visit it 😊 . . Almost exactly a year ago, I was fat, overweight, and heartbroken. I thought back then that all the hurt won't go away and I will never feel normal again. Eventually, I've come to the realization that experiencing my first heartbreak is necessary for me. It has taught me a lot of things which I've already mentioned before here. I just want to say to those who may be going through heartbreak now. Be patient with yourself. It may take you a long time to heal but eventually you'll be happy again and you'll have a lot of fun rediscovering yourself. Simply keep in mind that you need to let your past make you better not bitter πŸ’• . . πŸ‘™: @zaful (sponsored by @lloydydydy 😊) . . #thebikiniblogger #skyscannerph #flyPAL
This photo was taken on the morning before I had a talk at the Taiwan trade show organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. After being nervous for days, I was surprisingly chill already and I even ended up sleeping again after a hearty breakfast buffet. Maybe it's because @xeniaclarkph, the 2nd home of @flypal crew at Clark, also felt home to me. Plus I felt so blessed with all the encouragement and tips you gave me via comments and dms. Thank you @jayrtuason15, @hawkeye272david, and a whole lot of you for the sincere and helpful messages πŸ’• . . Anyway, how was my talk? As soon as I stepped on stage, I owned the moment despite of having little preparation. I'm so grateful to God for the opportunity and for the successful talk. Also, it still feels surreal that I'm in the 6 episodes of #PanahonsaTaiwan. I placed here the opening of the video because I find the song catchy and I wanted to show you a part of it. If you're interested in watching the full episode but you're lazy to watch it in another platform, no worries because I uploaded the video on my #IGTVchannel. Enjoy 😊 . . πŸ“·: @lloydydydy . . #xeniahotelclark #flyPALyearender
Thinking about how beautiful and wonderful my country #PhilippinesπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ as I enjoy gentle clear water and fine sand πŸ’• This place is so beautiful, by the way, that I didn't see the need for any edit or use of filter. Definitely a gem of a place you shouldn't miss when visiting Guimaras 😊 . . Want to go to this place too? This is how you can get here: 1. Take @flypal to Iloilo airport. Good news! Flights are on sale right now with domestic flights starting at PHP 299 for economy one-way base fare. #flyPALyearender 2. From Iloilo Ortiz wharf, ride pump boat to Jordan wharf for just PHP 15 or 0.74 USD. 3. Avail @natureseyebeach package πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• . . πŸ“·: @gotmarked (the photographer you should date πŸ‘ŒπŸ» "date a boy who cares about making you happy, and even that means taking pictures of you endlessly") . . #thebikiniblogger at #floatingcottage
Won as best dressed female for the night but, whether I won or not, I already feel like a winner for meeting new friends and being able to hang out with amazing people πŸ’• So thank you so much to @flypal for holding the year-end party at Clark. Our blogger friends from Cebu, Bacolod, and Davao didn't get stressed with Manila traffic because they flew in via @clarkairport. Meanwhile, for us, Manila bloggers, it just took us less than two hours to get to Clark. Our Dagupan and Pamapanga bloggers friends easily got to the venue too. . . What is equally amazing as the year-end party is the fact that #flyPAL has a SEAT SALE from Nov. 10 to 25, 2018. Fly to domestic destinations for as low as PHP 299 and international destinations start at 79 USD. Travel period is from Jan. 16 to Sep. 30, 2019. . . πŸ“·: @deinielcuvin best dressed male of the night and awesome human being with a wicked sense of humor Dress: @forever21.philippines Tanned skin from recent Guimaras and Bacolod trip πŸ˜‚ . . #kMeAnootd at #flyPALYearEnder
"Someday soon, you will meet someone who will make you feel like loving yourself is the most effortless thing in the world. Until then, stay wherever you are happy. Stop letting the term single prevent you from attaining happiness. Remember: Go. Grow. Glow." - @colzvidal . . Took an 8-hour bus ride from Zamboanga City to Dipolog City to enjoy this boulevard, to learn more about what the city has to offer, and to take my flight back to Manila. By the way, if you have upcoming @flypal flights too you may want to check if it is among the cancelled flights due to the upgrade of government's Nav Air System. . . Lastly, I'm SUPER EXCITED for #flyPALYearEnder happening later. Make sure to tune in to my IG stories. I'm excited because for sure, I'll get to meet new friends πŸ’• I find it amusing as well that the theme of the parties I'll be attending this Christmas are mostly summer. I guess it's #foreversummer. Lol . . πŸ“·: @colzvidal . . #kMeAnootd at #dipologboulevard #flyPAL