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Monday done & dusted, wishing the weekend didn’t fly by so quickly / — & naturally, i took every possible photo opp at @theslowhouse in #UniqloxAlexanderWang & @ellysage 📷: @ardaisy_ & @luxmondi
when you find out you have an intense fear for tonight’s thunder & lightning 😣 / — attending this evening’s events in @lovebonito’s lylas collection #lovebonito #lbootd 📷: @luxmondi
People are just not in the mood for a lame pun on Monday, amanda. Water you gonna do about that? 📷: @danielcly #lovebonito
Daily reminder that you is good, you is poppin’. / — wearing @fashmob, shot by the lovely @leeqiaoer.
Mission accomplished: We managed to mindfck the lady at the cashier because we sorta look alike & were wearing the same dress. 🌚 — wearing #iwearlovebonito #lovebonito
☀️ Sun kissed? More like sun killed 😵💦 — still alive and sorta kicking in these @sperry_sg kicks / #sperrysg
Honey, honey. I can see the stars all the way from here #beyonce — #iwearfashmob #fashmobgirls 📷 : @annikasager
Asked @danielcly to caption this and he said, “This has been a crate weekend.” 🌚 #helpme — / #fashmobgirls #iwearfashmob #clozette
Hi Mum & Dad. Just posting to let you know that I’m still well and alive in Hong Kong. @flowingbrook @ph0t0.g
c'est une belle journée. . . 📷: @supjisoo hair by: @mithesalon @allenlee_pssst #iwearlovebonito #lbootd
Love is in the hair, make up & @lovebonito’s capsule collection from today’s styling workshop / — finally got a good photo with these LB ladies thanks to @cherlynnlian 🙌🏻
Asked bf to pick a photo: “why do you always look like you’re in between poses.” 🙄 #problems . 📷 by bday girl @luxmondi, location scouted by @ardaisy_ 😘 #iwearfashmob #fashmobgirls
Casually about to turn 26, but yknow who‘s still counting after 21 🙃🌚 . #Iwearfashmob #fashmob 📷: @miffywriggles
Because, proud to have slitty eyes and can’t wait to watch #CrazyRichAsians 😬🙌🏻 📷 @adelia.Lim . #byfashmob #iwearfashmob
Back alleys that look like we’re overseas ✨/ . 📷 : @luxmondi #iwearfashmob #fashmobgirls
[work wear edit] : Had a bomb filming these 3 head to toe @lovebonito outfits with @supjisoo 😬❤️ also almost twisted my ankle while twirling in these heels but that’s a different story for another time.
Weather is no chill this week ☀️ + 🌨 / @lovebonito . 📷: @supjisoo
All in a bid to support local ❤️🇸🇬 Snippets from Spotlight #SingaporeStories launch event with @clozetteco last week - & just in time for National Day. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that the budding art scene is growing in Sg ✨ check out more awesome capsule collections by 13 featured local designers at
📱 Feelin’ all cool & stuff till that time of the month hits when you gotta reflect on what exactly you spent all your 7GB of data on😞 garrghhh 🤦🏼‍♀️/ — in @fashmob #iwearfashmob #byfashmob 📷: @luxmondi
So apparently @freshbeauty’s #SoyObsessed Cleanser works perfectly on paints too 🤓 swipe to watch ➡️ on a side note, I should totally start a new tag to test out beauty products like this.