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Not the most attractive photo but... I just did a dive at the Great Barrier Reef 😬. It was amazing and let’s just say my fear of fish evaporated the moment I jumped into the blue ocean waters 🐟 🐠 •• #clozette #greatbarrierreef #diving #cairns
Just gotta post it here for memory’s sake. Jumped off a plane today and it was truly an amazing experience ✈️. I was surprisingly calm and excited, rather than being terrified (especially when the plane door opened!). Totally would do it again 🙌🏻 •• #skydiving #sydneyskydive #australia #clozette
Hello from Sydney! 🇦🇺 Latest favourites are live #ontheblog, featuring skincare goodies from @rechercheskincare and @noreldrwilsz. I also mentioned this book by @haemin_sunim, one of the best book finds I’ve had so far 👌🏻 •• #monthlyfavorites #clozette
Turned 26 yesterday so I updated my #26before26 post #ontheblog ☝🏻 •• I’m really glad that I managed to achieve most of my goals. This year, I noticed a change in passion and what I hold important and thus, some goals were neglected. One of my favourite is volunteering at @causesforanimals_sg this year. The dogs never fail to lift my mood 🌝. Now I’m working on my 27 before 27 because yes, I’m making it a thing. •• #clozette #goals
Simple makeup on the eyes, mascara, undereye concealer and a lip tint is all I reach for these days. 🌝 You’d probably notice the lack of posts here, and that’s because I have no clue as to what to post currently. My makeup routine (if there is even any) is extremely simplistic these days. It may be a phase, but till then, please bear with me! •• That being said, I did just publish my review of @novuaesthetics P+ Phyto Laser & Ion Infusion treatments onto the blog. As makeup is minimal these days, a good facial treatment to help boost the skin’s natural glow and clarity is what I need 👌🏻 •• #clozette #novuaesthetics #fasthetics
I rarely do update here now (and I hope all of you are well!) but the blog is still going pretty strong 😬. Latest blog posts include my 3 day guide to Krabi as well as a products empties post ☝🏻 •• #clozette #kohpoda #krabithailand #travelguide
Finally back to playing with some new makeup 😛. Using the @cliosingapore Velvet Wear Foundation and the @maybelline Total Temptations Palette today! •• #cliosg #cliosingapore #maybellinesg #makeupoftheday #clozette #drugstoremakeup
Happy weekend! It’s been a while 👀 •• August favourites are up #ontheblog , including this X&O Unisyn Lashes from @esqido 😉 •• #clozette #esqido #esqidolashes #augustfavorites #monthlyfavorites
If I lose my makeup collection, these are the 10 things I’d immediately repurchase 👌🏻 •• Gotta love me my good basics, from my @itcosmetics Bye Be Undereye Corrector which I’ve praised a million times before to my tried and true @maccosmetics Warm Soul Blush. Full list of these 10 items are up #ontheblog 😬. Happy weekend! •• #clozette #makeuplove #recommended #makeupproducts #triedandtested #rideordiemakeup #maybellinesg #lorealparissg
P I N A 🍹 C O L A D A •• @handmadeheroes launched a new lip scrub and it is delicious. I’m not a big fan of drinking cocktails but I do love a fresh fruity scent. I adore their matcha lip scrub and this one is no different 👄 •• @handmadeheroes was kind to send me two so I thought I’ll give one of them to you so that you can try it yourself. Just like the picture, tag a friend and tell me your favourite cocktail below 👇🏻. I’ll choose one of you on 1st September at noon. (Only for people living in SG) Here’s to fresh, juicy lips 😬🍸 •• #clozette #handmadeheroes #handmadeheroessg #lipscrub #pinacolada #handmadeskincare #sgcontest
Current makeup staples 👌🏻: 1) @toofaced better than sex mascara ( it really works great in adding length and volume to my lashes!) 2) @lorealmakeup Color Riche Shine Lipstick (it is like a sheer balm that I can easily throw on anytime of the day!) 3) @colourpopcosmetics Super Shock Shadow in Sequin (a great throw onto the lids shade to add definition and depth to the eyes) 👁 •• #lorealparissg #colourpopcosmetics #colourpopme #toofacedbetterthansex #clozette #makeupfavorites
What’s in my gym makeup bag 👆🏻 •• It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and that’s because I haven’t been wearing as much makeup as I used to before! Since I’ve been heading to various fitness classes lately, my makeup routine has become much simpler, with a focus on ease of application and speed. I’ve a new found respect for these fuss free and easy to apply items that I didn’t used to have before! Top notch bits from @kikomilano, @lorealmakeup, @colourpopcosmetics, @toofaced and @urbandecaycosmetics 👍🏻 •• #clozette #gymmakeup #fitnessmakeup #easymakeup #urbandecaysg #kikocosmetics #lorealparissg #toofacedcosmetics
Happy Monday! What a seriously neglected @marcbeauty palette this is 🙊. Forgot how much I enjoy using their buttery and pigmented shadows! Also, the @makeupgeekcosmetics Duochrome Highlight in Moon Beam is giving me life lately 👌🏻 •• #clozette #makeupgeek #marcjacobsbeauty #makeupgeekcosmetics #makeupoftheday #sephorasg
Current beauty favourites 👆🏻 •• Been a while since a monthly favourites went up #ontheblog so I thought I’d put them together! Am currently loving bits from @makeupforeversg, @beuins_official, @maybelline, @hourglasscosmetics, @lorealskin , @jillstuartbeauty, @thannsingapore, @daiso_official and @sabonsg ❤️ too many goodies to share! •• #clozette #currentfavorite #beautyproducts #makeupforeversg #lorealparissg #thannsg #sabonsg #daiso
YouTube made me buy it 👆🏻 •• Some bits that I’ve purchased due to its hype on the tube, featuring the ever popular: @anastasiabeverlyhills Modern Renaissance Palette @hourglasscosmetics Metallic Ambient Strobe Lighting Palette Soleil Tan De Chanel @colourpopcosmetics Brow Gel @makeupforeversg Ultra HD Concealer •• Thoughts on my purchases and regrets(if any) are up #ontheblog if you’re interested 🤗 •• #clozette #youtubemakeup #chanelsoleiltandechanel #abhmodernrenaissance #hourglasscosmetics #makeupforeversg #colourpopcosmetics
Full swatches of the 20 available @Maybelline Superstay Matte Inks 👆🏻 •• Yesterday I wore 75 fighter to teach my classes and for the Celine Dion concert. At the end of the day and after many gulps of water as I was belting out my soul, the lipstick was still on! It wasn’t too patchy either. Seriously one of my favourite lip products thus far 🤗 •• #clozette #maybellinesg #superstaymatteinkunnude #superstaymatteink #maybellinesuperstay #maybellinesuperstaymatteink #armswatches
Lip swatch 💋 // Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink UnNudes collection is really lovely and I couldn’t help but be drawn to this purple, Visionary. So stunning! •• Full arm swatches of the UnNudes Collection is up #ontheblog 🤗 •• #clozette #maybellinesuperstay #maybellinesg #maybellinesuperstaymatteink #superstaymatteinkunnude #lipswatch
A scrub is a guy who thinks he’s fly 🎼 •• That song has been in my head the entire day. But on a more serious note, I’ve been trying the @stivessg Pink Lemon and Mandarin Scrub recently and have been enjoying it so far. The exfoliant is 100% natural (so no micro beads!) and feels gentle on the skin. The scent is also fruity and refreshing 🍋. A great and fuss-free way to add the natural glow to the skin✨ •• Also, you probably can’t see but I doused myself with highlighter. Not the best way to get the glow apparently 😂 •• #clozette #stivessg #turnuptheglow #stivesscrub #glowbabyglow
Some makeup bits that I’ve been using lately for a quick and fuss free routine that’s under 20 minutes: 👉🏻 @makeupforeversg Smoothing Primer for filling in those pesky pores and evening out texture on the skin 👉🏻 @hourglasscosmetics Ambient Lighting Palette Vol 3 for a natural glow and flush to the cheeks 👉🏻 @itcosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector because this works magic under the eyes for dark circles And I’ve started reading Tribe of Mentors by @timferriss. Soaking it all up like a sponge 🙌🏻 •• #clozette #makeupforeversg #hourglasscosmetics #itcosmetics #tribeofmentors #makeuproutine #sephorasg
Happy hump day! 🐫 •• Visited the Sugar K Peel Bar at Cluny Court last week and I think I am glowing🌝. Tried their Organic Express Peel along with the Red Carpet Eye Treatment and everything took less than an hour. More detailed thought would be up on the blog on Friday 🤓 •• #clozette #selfie #keworganics #sugark #keworganicssg #organicpeel #glowwithsugark #smittenpr